Monday, 9 March 2015

Cold Brew Coffee, new iPhone's and Park hangs.

I've been living easy for the last few weeks, trying to live simply and in the moment. I've been having a few issues with anxiety lately so I thought it was time to sit back and take stock of the things that are important to me, and try to work through some stuff that I have going on. I've been spending lots of time with my family, hanging out at the park and at home, giving my boys lots of cuddles and re-connecting with Hubby (life really does get in the way of intimacy sometimes doesn't it?!). We're also expecting a few visitors in the next few weeks so I've been getting our little granny flat all prepared and ready for guests, I love having people to stay, it always makes our home feel so much warmer than it is already, and the magical thing about having a granny flat is that visitors also get their own space so they don't feel so imposing! (Of course, majority of the time is expected to be spent with us - the kids wouldn't have it any other way!)

I've been really loving Cold Brew coffee lately, (or cold-press, whichev floats ya boat!) It's fantastically easy and tastes absolutely amazing. all you have to do is soak coarsely ground up beans (I use espresso ones) in cold water for around 12 hours, filter out the grounds (I use a nut milk bag - super simple) and then pour over ice, dilute and serve! There are heaps of tutorials on how to do it properly if you are interested, and really there is no "wrong" way to do it, as everyone's tastes are a little different. I really enjoy it though because there is no need for sugar, which commercial iced coffee's absolutely pack into their stuff. For someone who is watching (or at least trying to) her weight, it's a god send! Especially because it's too damn hot to have a normal cuppa!!

I've been researching printers lately. I'd like to buy a reasonably good one, especially since Big Man has started school (I do realise he won't need one for years, but it's something I've taken into consideration anyway) One thing that really irks me though is the sheer amount of different products that are available to us these days! Life would be so much simpler if there was only one or two to choose from, as if I'm not indecisive enough already! It's the same story with the camera that I want (as in - I don't even know what I want, except that I want a DSLR) I have gotten a new phone recently though! It was SO needed, my camera on my old one was absolutely horrid, I am loving my new one!

Cold brew, my *new* iPhone and some dappled sunlight. Heaven.

Life can be nice. I just need to take the time to remember that.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Party Time!

BUSY BUSY BEE! That's how I've been feeling anyway! I feel like I haven't had a quiet weekend in forever! My brain is starting to feel all scrambled and my body is giving in to stress - I need some time to rejuvenate! I need to read, to drink cups of tea, to clean my house! Do you ever feel like you have so much on your plate?! I've been trying to lay off social media lately too - it's such a time waster! And it never makes me feel good, I'm really not interested in anything that people have to say on Facebook (stupid people make me cringe) and I haven't even been feeling inspired enough for Instagram lately (and THAT's saying something!!) What are your tips for recharging?? I've been drinking a lot of green smoothies with my Kambrook Blitz2Go lately, they make me feel so much better! Fresher! I need to lay of the beer too, it's making me feel stodgy and awful. I know I say this semi-regularly but I seem to have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to alcohol. It's a never-ending spiral! 

My decluttering is also going (rather) poorly. I'm sort of just ignoring all my crap at the moment, I know I can live without it all, but when it actually comes to tossing stuff I start to feel crippling anxiety and I just can't follow through. It's be good if someone just came and threw it all away for me, though I think I'd hate that person forever and I know it would make me cry. Ha. Not something I would inflict on anyone!!! 

Has anyone been in to Kmart lately? I bought myself a new desk chair from there over the weekend, and OH LORDY it is fab! They have really upped their game with their homewares in the last few months, absolutely killing it! I could live in there! I love that it's so cheap that you can update your home without spending an absolute fortune (hello savings account!) now all I need to get is a big scrubbed pine panel to sit on top of my desk and I'm all set! 

I guess I should head off and get stuck into some cleaning before we have to go pick up the Big Man from school. Hope all you lovers had a fab Valentines Day! Kisses.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Summer Laziness.

Ahh the bliss of a slow and lazy summer. I'm not really a fan of the hot weather, but I do enjoy the long days of reading and playing with the kids. My oldest boy has recently started Kinder, and boy -  is it quiet without him home all the time! I've actually had time to mop my floors! Crazy right?! That NEVER happens (don't judge me - every time I start the kids decide they have to get in on the action!)

But back to laziness - we had such an awesome summer of long, hot nights, picnics in the backyard, trips to the beach and all of the good things that come with the warmer weather. The kids have absolutely loved the pool this season. They are both little fish now! The ONLY gripe I've had with summer this year is that we all had food poisoning on Australia Day. Not fun, not fun at all!

I am looking forward to some cooler weather though, I must admit. There have been a lot of fires in Australia this season and it always makes me feel awful to think that people can lose their entire homes in the blink of an eye. Cooler weather also means I can start making jams again. YUM. I can't remember if I already said I got some new jam jars for Christmas but I'm pretty excited to make some delicious concoctions. I will post some recipes for you guys as I make them.

We are still (trying) saving money for our wedding. I recently made a trip to the block we are having it at - it's super exciting to start plotting and planning where everything is going. I will need to start cake trials soon so I'm sure everyone is going to enjoy eating wedding cake for the next few months! I finally got our Save the Dates done (granted - they haven't all been sent out yet! Eek!) and I've been slowly working on the decorations. It's going to be super fun! I can't believe we are already in February though. It's absolutely FLYING. I've been doing some Valentine craft this week too - a little crochet brooch for my sexy, sexy husband. It's not quite finished but I'll make sure I snap a pic to show all you guys!

I'm getting very frustrated at my iPod at the moment, so I'm off to try and fix the bloody thing! Kisses for all my pretties!